Thank you for visiting my website! Let me give you a quick tour. Think COLOR! I love rich, vibrant colors.I dream them, breath them, dance them. You will find these vibrant colors in my original paintings, my ArtCards, my silk Sheclee scarfs, my kid’s book and my blog.

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My studio glows with color and light. The sun streams in from the South and the West. I hear the song of birds in the Summer or watch the quiet fall of snow in the Winter. I hope my brush brings into focus the immense beauty of nature that we often ignore in our haste. May we just stop, breath and feel joy in what is.

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Sabine Krummel is an amazing artist with so much natural talent!  If you have not seen her latest work you are missing out!

Rene R.

Paw Paw, MI

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About the Artist

Sabine Krummel is known for her large and vibrant paintings.

Sabine was born in the Alps of Austria. She moved to Chicago in her teens. As an adult her home has been in Germany, Sweden and New York.

Sabine’s permanent home is in Michigan. Her studio is on a lovely dirt road where the wind sings and colors dance.

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