Out of the 100,000+ places you could be visiting on the web, you have decided to stop by here! Great big hug and Thank You!

What an honor!

So let me give you a tour of the place.

Think COLOR.

I love rich, vibrant color. I dream them, breath them, dance them. You will find these colors in my original watercolors and acrylic paintings, my ArtCards, that are hand crafted and individually signed by me, my kid’s book and especially in my silk Sheclees, (pronounced she-clay). A Sheclee is an exceptional reproduction of my art on 100% silk printed in Italy and hand finished in the US. Sheclees can be worn in beautiful body wraps or displayed throughout your home or office for a splash of gorgeous color.

In my future blogs I will share about myself as an artist.  I will also highlight some sales and free gifts.


By the way, this website would NOT be what it is without the following people.

THANK YOU, Rene (who kept cool even when my head was spinning), Amy & Isela (you are both so beautiful – inside and out), three sparkly kids (who you’ll meet later) and their mom and dad who let me borrow them for a few hours, Carter (amazing), Dan (who I’ve never met, but can do wondrous things behind the scene), Nik (my dreamer), Melissa (my sanity), Sanne (!), Ryan (it’s just a matter of time), Jasmine (think PayPal), Maureen (my forever “constant”), Catherine (around the globe again!!), my mom (just WOW!), Michele (always there when I call out), Jack (who made me cry … in a good way), Jason Shaw(from FMA music) and Benjamin Tissot (from Bensound). What a gift to be able to use your music! And thanks to so many, many more … Thank you! To all of you!

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