Silk Sheclees

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Gorgeous 100% silk scarves for body wrap and home décor from original 60x20 inch paintings by Sabine Krummel.

What are the physical components of the silk?

Sabine Silk Sheclees are made of 100% Crepe de Chine, pronounced ('krape dee sheen'), which is derived from the French language.   Crepe de Chine is lustrous with an exceptional drape.  The delicate texture of Crepe de Chine has a wonderful chromatic depth on a matte surface.  Its pebbled texture reflects individual pinpoints of light.

The weight of the Crepe de Chine is 16 "mm" – pronounced "mommy" – and is exclusively made with “A+ silk griege”.   It is made with S and Z twisted filament yarns alternating in weft and with a normally twisted filament wrap.  This provides it with a gentle lightness, softness and the luxurious feel.

What’s in the name?

The name Sheclee is derived from the French word “Giclee”, which means to spray.  Over the last decades the word “Giclee” has referred to the highest reproduction of fine art using sophisticated ink jet technology primarily on paper and canvas.  The word “Sheclee” is derived by Sabine Krummel.  Sheclees are reproductions of Sabine’s original artwork on pure silk using sophisticated ink jet technology.

Where are Sheclees made?

Sheclees by Sabine Krummel are printed in Italy and assembled in the United States.

A simple breath of vibrant lightness

Each Sheclee is beautifully wrapped in a gift box and includes Sheclee Instruction manual, two ArtCards and a free hand-crafted Sheclee scarf clip.

Silk Sheclee Scarf - Poppy Style

$120.00 + $5.00 shipping

Silk Sheclee Scarf - Blue Berry Style

$120.00 + $5.00 shipping

Tips for wearing your Sheclee scarf

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Don't miss the 6 videos of Sheclee wrap demonstration

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