… to pure joy of color and art.

Please turn on your sound
to watch my video.
I am mighty proud
of this video.
It's a whole lot better
than this funny website.
The website WILL
improve over time.
I Promise!

My official website
will open in January 2020.
In the meantime, my ArtCards
continue to be available.
If you have no money,
let me know
and we'll work something out.

1 ArtCard ……. $6
4 ArtCards ……$5 each ($20 total)
10 ArtCards …. $4.50 each (45 total)
20 ArtCards …… $4.00 each (80 total)
In my video you'll find
the sample Blueberry ArtCard.
The Sunflower. The Poppy.
The Rose. The Raspberry
and the Hydrangea ArtCards.

To make life easier for all of us
tax and free shipping is included …
(snail mail within USA).

I would love to hear from you,
whether you would like
ArtCards or not.

Wishing you beauty and joy
every … single … day,


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