Lately I find myself up-side-down and spinning.It‘s the new „normal“ for our country. We are on overload with a pandemic, riots demanding change, an economic depression, a volatile election year. The list does not end here for many of us.

In the midst of these storms, I yearn for a stillness, a calm, a peace that I can retreat to periodically to simply breathe. To rejuvenate. To find renewed strength to ride these massive storms.

I find this peace in my art. I walk into my studio. The world becomes simple.A white canvas.My brush.My paint.I lose myself in the colors.A stillness reigns. Not always, but often.It’s just me. This moment.

I see the same sense of calm in my 86 year old mom while working in her garden. My daughter finds her peace in baking. Others in an instrument. Or their own voice. Many of us watch birds or the waves.We start to breathe again ... deeply and slowly.We find this quiet in yoga or biking or hiking.

I think the up-side-down spinning of our nation is not bad.It‘s darn hard and often heart wrenching, but it holds the seeds of hope for more kindness, more justice and hopefully more love.

May each one of us find a place of respite.To simply breathe.Just be.In peace.Even if only for a few moments each day. After all, these storms must rage far into the future for true change.

Wishing you all the best,


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