Kids' Circle


Welcome to Kids’ Circle!
I am so happy you are here!

I hope Kids Circle helps you stretch your arms high into the sky
and dig your toes deep into our earth!

Ever since I was around your age...
I have loved colors.

I loved colors when I played with red playdough and yellow fuzzy yarn and while eating blue, blue blueberries and painting in every rainbow color. All this happened because I had parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends that helped me see colors in brand new ways. Colors can be part of your life by seeing them, but also by touching and smelling and tasting and even hearing them.

Art is in all of you

From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.
All those grown-ups that loved me didn’t really know that either
… until we did colors TOGETHER
… with our eyes and ears and hands and feet!
TOGETHER we ALL learned!

And I will do this right along with you.

Freddie's Rainbow

A children's book illustrated and written by artist Sabine Krummel to support the joyous discovery of color.

The activity bag includes a Dancing Ribbon Wand, Freddie’s Rainbow Brush, “Hop into a Rainbow” interactive Activity Bag, Blueberry Bookmark and Rainbow Mail Cards with matching Envelopes.

Freddie's Rainbow
Book Only

$20 + $5 shipping

Freddie's Rainbow
Activity Bag

$18 + $5 shipping

Freddie's Rainbow
Book and Activity Bag

$35 +  $5 shipping

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